A people-to-people initiative to speed the spread of COVID-19 vaccines worldwide ------ Together we've RAISED over $113,000 so far ------ THANK YOU!

I am happy to give my support to the Get1Give1 Worldwide campaign. …….. The current global health crisis related to COVID-19 has served to remind us that what affects the whole human family has to be addressed by us all.”

Protect a life for $7 a dose

Billions of people live in countries without vaccines to immunise even critical health workers.

You got one! Now give one!

Those of us who are fully protected are relieved and grateful. We can give that peace of mind to another by supporting the cost of a vaccine.

With this simple act of solidarity, we can expand protection against COVID-19 and end the pandemic faster.

Our compassion can spread faster than the virus.

No one is safe until everyone is safe

The science is clear: to finally, fully defeat the COVID-19 virus, humanity must achieve herd immunity as quickly as possible.

The virus will continue to spread and mutate, leading to more outbreaks and more dangerous variants until most human beings across the globe have been vaccinated.

Humanity is in a race against time. Your contribution can help us win.

Show the world you care

After a year of lockdowns and losses, we have re-discovered the importance of family, human connection, security, and compassion.

Make a contribution and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

Speed the spread of vaccines for all.

Give to COVAX

Your contribution will go to COVAX-AMC, the global mechanism created to buy and distribute vaccines to 92 lower-income countries.

COVAX-AMC will spend all the money you contribute on vaccines for lower-income countries. Your funds will not pay for overhead costs.

COVAX pays for all its administrative costs from its general operating budget and has regular independent audits.

Get1Give1 Worldwide is an independent group of volunteers who pay for all our own administrative costs. About us.

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