About us

We are a group of women friends connected through our work in international organizations – most related to public health – and by our commitment to making the world a safer, fairer, healthier place.

As we, and our friends and families, have been vaccinated, we have felt our anxieties lift, and are grateful. But we are acutely aware that most of the world is still struggling to obtain vaccines. We understand that we are in a race against time. Until everyone has been vaccinated, no one is truly safe. 

We are:

  • Katherine Bond, a global health professional who has worked on HIV and pandemic preparedness in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, and is now focusing on equitable access to safe, effective and quality assured medical products.
  • Denise Lievesley, a social statistician who worked with country statistical offices to ensure the independence, policy relevance and integrity of official statistics across the world, helping to ensure we have data we can trust.
  • Sarah Macfarlane, a medical statistician who worked with governments in East Africa and South East Asia to set up cross-border systems to track and respond to infectious disease outbreaks, and who promotes data sharing for development.
  • Katherine McFate, a social scientist who has worked to identify and reform the public policies, private practices, and social narratives that exacerbate income inequality and reinforce gender and racial disparities.
  • Sara Seims, a population scientist who helped contain HIV-Aids in Africa, and improve reproductive health choices for women and girls, and advocates for global health equity and the expansion of human rights.
  • Birte Holm Sørensen, a physician who has worked in Africa and Asia on global campaigns to eradicate smallpox, polio, leprosy and tuberculosis, with a focus on ensuring lower-income countries have their fair share of funding and capacity.

Please write to us at: [email protected]

Please join us!

We established Get1Give1 Worldwide because we couldn’t stand back and do nothing as the pandemic continues to ravage communities all over the world.

We know government investments are critical to defeating COVID-19, but we believe it is important for each of us, as individuals, to do our part, to demonstrate our commitment to pass on our good fortune to others. 

We are volunteering our time and resources; no one is receiving any compensation.

We are grateful to the many other people around the world who are contributing funds, advice, time, contacts, and resources.