Take action


Spread the word

Thank you for participating in Get1Give1 Worldwide!  Your contribution is important.  You help get vaccines to the places that need them most.

Encourage your friends, relatives, and workmates to join the fight to beat the virus. Here are some ways you can spread the word. Let us know your ideas here

Email your all contacts

You have a set of contacts for email on your phone or computer. Please use it.  Email your friends, social groups, and family networks, and encourage them to do the same.  You can find an example email here.

Here is a one-page document describing Get1Give1 Worldwide initiative that you can send to people asking for more information.

Tweet and post on social media

Tell your friends and networks how important it is to support COVAX. We provide some texts to tweet or post on Facebook. But your own posts will be more interesting!

You could use these hashtags like these: #get1give1worldwide; #getonegiveone; #covidvaccines; #vaccines; #COVAX

Post videos and photos

If you are creative (or have children or grandchildren who are) and enjoy videos, why not engage family and friends in making a short video and post on social media? Write and perform a Get1Give1Worldwide song or dance.

Send out photos or videos of your vaccinations or tell people why you’re excited about being vaccinated like the video below:

Create a challenge

Why not create a challenge for yourself and your friends – like the “ice-bucket” challenge. Ask your friends to sponsor you to run round the park or walk to work for a week. Hold a street party, sell you old clothes, or organise a quiz night. This is a citizen-to-citizen campaign and we hope you will fuel it with it your creativity.

Share with your networks

Every faith tradition embraces the idea of “paying forward” a kindness or benefit received from someone else.  We believe this can be a time for healing, for overcoming divisions sown by fear and misinformation. If you’re a member a faith community, engage your community to participate in this campaign of caring. 

If you are a member of community or social group, a yoga practice, a running club, ask your fellows to donate to COVAX or create a funding challenge. This is a way for individuals and local communities to show we recognize our common humanity – even in the face of vaccine “nationalism” and division. 

Contact political representatives

Ask your political representatives to do their part to stop the pandemic as quickly as possible. There are two immediate actions that every government can take:

  • Donate surplus vaccines to COVAX for distribution to those countries currently without access to vaccines or the means to buy them.
  • The World Trade Organization could lift protections on intellectual property rights (the recipes for the content and production of various vaccines), so that all factories with the capacity to produce the new vaccines can do so.  Lifting these protections requires a vote in the WTO that wealthy countries have so far blocked.
Join an advocacy campaign

A growing number of non-governmental organizations/ nonprofits are calling for governments to support the broader distribution of vaccines.  Perhaps the largest advocacy effort, supported by Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders, and other well-known advocacy groups, is the Peoples Vaccine Coalition.